Frequently Asked Questions        



What Can I Sell?


We will buy just about all game systems and select video games from those systems, no matter how old. We also take Amiibos, controllers, extra cords and many kinds of peripherals. We do require a certain level of quality with these items though, and as such we will not buy broken systems, broken controllers or severely damaged games.

*NOTE: As of Winter 2017, we stopped purchasing Skylanders and Disney Infinity toys.

BLU-RAY and 4k MOVIES - ✔️

We are currently overstocked on most DVD movies and TV Seasons. So, for now we will not be purchasing (or looking to buy) DVD movies and TV Seasons. We are continuing to be open to buying Blu-Ray movies. We encourage you to itemize what you have and send us a message on Facebook or using our website form to contact us for a quote, to ensure you know exactly what we'll take and make the most out of your trip.

Music - ✔️
As of June 1st, 2023 we are once again looking to buy CDs from customers. We are very selective as there are tons of CDs that we are still overstocked on. We are NOT currently buying LP records.

We DO NOT buy laptops, cell phones/smartphones, android boxes, bluetooth speakers, musical instruments/guitars, burned (homemade) discs, stereos, power tools or gold/silver/jewelry.

Do You Do Buyback?

Chumleighs is not a licensed pawn shop so we can not offer buyback on your goods. Additionally, we do not offer loans.

What Do I Need In Order to Sell?

In order to sell your goods to us, we require a piece of photo ID. If you do not have ID because you are underage, have lost your wallet, or any other reason, you can bring along someone who does have ID. Driver's license, (photo) health card, provincial photo ID and current student cards are all valid forms of identification.

In accordance with local Police regulations, we are required to see photo identification each and every time someone sells to us. We do not log this information in to any kind of computer system or database. We do not use it for marketing purposes nor do we share it with anyone. If you are under the age of 18, we do reserve the right to request parental/guardian approval before being able to sell to us.

How Long Does Buying / Testing Take?

Most people should expect to wait a few minutes should they come in with a handful of video games or movies - our staff is efficient and understands the value of your time and ours. We aim to keep things moving as quickly as possible but some items do require a bit more attention.

When it comes to testing systems, it can vary in how long it takes for us to test. An old Gameboy is going to be faster to test than a Playstation 4. On average, it takes roughly 15 - 20 minutes to test consoles (Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, etc) and about 10 minutes for testing handhelds (Gameboy, Nintendo DS, PSP, etc).

Extra controllers, cords and additional systems all add extra time into our testing procedures. If you come in and are short on time and/or have additional errands to run, you are welcome to leave your name and phone number and we will contact you once we finish your order.

The same goes for if you come in with a big order of BLU-RAYs, or video games! If you come in with several boxes, feel free to leave them for a little while with us.


CHUMLEIGHS IS NOT CURRENTLY HIRING! Please check back periodically to see if we have any job opportunities. .