Located in Peterborough, Ontario @

339 George St N. (Across from Peterborough Square)



Twitter: @Chumleighs


Chumleighs Peterborough, now in our 21st year of business! We offer the BEST selection and prices on Video Games, DVDs and CDS between Toronto and Ottawa.  We are the ONLY GAME / Movie store in Peterborough actually in this business for this long.

     We buy, sell and trade Video Games and Gaming Systems, Movies and CDs.  We have Central Ontario's BIGGEST and best selection of Video Games, DVDs and Movies!  Be sure to catch up with on Twitter (@Chumleighs)!

    REMEMBER - Be extremely careful dealing with strangers who sell privately on classified websites.  We all need to exercise extreme caution when meeting up with a random stranger to purchase used goods.  You never know what can happen so be careful....OR come and check out our great prices and selection.  As an added bonus all of our items are GUARANTEED!