Frequently Asked Questions                              ❔❔❔   👀

Like any business, we often get quite a few questions. If you have any questions, feel free to browse this list to see if it has already been answered - if not, feel free to contact us via phone or social media over at our contact page.

Q.  I Would Like To Work Here! Are You Hiring?

A. We are a small operation and we do not hire frequently. That said, it's not impossible for us to open our doors. We welcome interested parties to drop off resumes, as we will keep them on file but at present, we are not looking for additional members of our team. If we are searching for new recruits, we will update our social media accounts and the homepage with relevant information. 

Q.  What Do You Buy at Chumleighs? How Can I Sell You My Stuff?

A.  We are happy to buy your old video games, blurays, TV series, CDs and dvds. Gameboy collecting dust? Wii you don't know what to do with? We buy old gaming systems, controllers, and even some accessories!  Check the column below for some ideas on what we take - as well as what we don't take. Gather up your stuff and bring it on down to our buying counter. 



Video Games and Game Consoles - ✔️

We will buy just about all game systems and video games, no matter how old. We do maintain a certain level of quality with these items though, and we will not buy broken systems, broken controllers or damaged games. 

*NOTE: As of Winter 2017, we have stopped purchasing Skylanders.

DVDs and Bluray (Movies & TV Series) - ✔️

We are overstocked on most DVD titles but we always take a look at what you have.

CDs - ✔️

Bring us your music and we will always be happy to take a look.


🚫 Laptops

🚫 Cell Phones

🚫 Android Boxes

🚫 Musical Instruments

🚫 Pirated/Burned/ Bootleg Items

🚫 Stereos

🚫 DVD players

🚫 TVs

🚫 Power Tools

🚫 Gold / Silver / Jewelry